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it's not a 9 to 5 job, neither creatives are juggling all the time

Critec is a kind of boat whose rudder is shared. In these fifteen years we have developed the experience that today allows us to rely on each other's capabilities. We also learned to value ethics and trust.

Critec is no one in particular. Critec is all of us. From 20 to 50, from briefing to final approval, we are all perfectionists. But there is one thing that is important. Here we waste time having coffee, talking and eating together, because after being with friends everything flows willingly. Critec is like a family home from the old ones, the ones that always have an open door. The people who visit us are our customers, our suppliers and the employees who have been with us. In this house everyone is welcome.
No, it's not a 9 to 5 job. It's the time it takes until it's finished. Because if it isn't like that, what’s the fun? - and we live for this. Here we get excited and discuss everything. Because the world is not black and white, nor bi-dimensional. We have multiple areas of training, personalities, ideas, creativity and egos. Inside, “flexibility” is the word and the only rule is: Don't Stagnate. (And if that means juggling, ok, so we do it. What's the problem in learning something new?) We're always after novelties and technology.

Now you know us. You found a team, you found a group of friends. But it's not a 9 to 5 job, neither creatives are juggling all the time.

let's go.
let's grow.



creative agency

critec was established in 2003
in águeda, central portugal.

Our activity focuses on brand activation through branding and advertisement services and technological communication products. We provide services to different business sectors and our biggest clients apart from the public sector are ceramics, hardware, cycling, commerce and service companies.

We have a team of more than 15 professionals, with skills in areas such as marketing, design, programming, digital marketing, copywriting, photography and video. We present innovative and high quality solutions imbued with strategic and tactile reasoning. Designers, programmers, copywriters and technicians daily materialize software and hardware masterpieces for you. We complete ourselves.

We’re all creative people and we’re all passionate about what we do.

you never ask too much.
we never deliver too little.

More than brands, we design brand experiences. Communication is our core business. We value design and technology experience to create memorable brands.

We sell, rent, manage and develop diverse technological products such as LED panels, touch-screens, transparent displays and other technological products for brand activation and communication.

15 anos critec

you win.
we win.

Weak and fleeting relations are neither economical nor efficient. Conquering a client is difficult; keeping them is a challenge. That’s why we are committed and loyal. We are ambitious and want to grow with you.

During our career we have been awarded several prizes, namely the Innovation Prize by the Trade Association of Águeda and the Lusophone Creativity Prize for the work carried out within "Projeto 5" and "AgitÁgueda Urban Art".

We were present at Websummit 2018 as Alpha project with our Augmented Reality App ARt. We were also invited to Google DevFest Lisbon to present our brand tech solutions.

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team critec
Joana Pinto
team critec
Ricardo Vidal
founder & account manager
team critec
João Resende
team critec
Marina Leitão
team critec
Mario Menitra
team critec
Ivo Hoogveld
team critec
Sofia Domingues
team critec
Bruno Vide
founder & executive officer
team critec
Jorge Madeira
team critec
Luís Fonseca
team critec
Jorge Teixeira
team critec
Artur Vidal
team critec
Léo Ferreira
team critec
Frederico Pulga
team critec
Paulo Barrocas
founder & executive officer

we carry out a multidisciplinary work
which harmoniously combines technique with aesthetic,
so as to offer our clients high quality and added-value products.

common sense
is not common at all.
be remarkable.
Society is no longer what it used to be…
Targets are becoming more and more diverse,
mass markets are becoming scarcer.
We are aware it is not possible to please everyone.

However, it is possible and essential
– so we think – to be extraordinary for some.
There is no better strategy than captivate
and dedicate to the right people.

We think of smart and charismatic solutions
so that your brand can evolve within your
market, which is going to feel your passion
and be your best ally.
are you a passenger
or a driver of change?
In this disruptive world we pay attention
to novelty in the technological communication markets.
Innovation drives us, it is in our blood, and we apply
our experience in software and hardware.

We love challenges and we want you to suggest us
something we have never done.
Surprise us or let us surprise you.

Who doesn’t like surprises anyway?
stand up to your dreams.
exceed your expectations.
We make dreams come true. Dreams guide life
and brands guided by dreams have much greater
potential than the purely rational ones.

We are an active part for our clients’ objectives.
We give that little extra that makes all the difference,
that generates passion.

If something doesn’t cause emotions,
it’s not done well.



side by side.
how far can we go?

We’re market driven and commited to nurture trust with our stakeholders. Our presence in diverse markets and trade-shows allow us to approach any kind of project with confidence and professionalism.

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