If you are reading this, is because you are worry with your business online presence. People keep telling you need to get a website to increase your sales or to get more customers. But do you really need a website? And if you do, what type and communication fits better your business?

Short answer:
You do!

Long answer:
First thing, you should take a look at what is your business now, and where you pretend to get in the future. To put it in perspective, if you have a small grocery store that only serves the local area, maybe a website is not for you and you should look into other tools like google my business or social media. On the other hand if you handcraft some unique products maybe a online shop would be a way to keep doing what you do and make profit of it.

There is many ways to have an online presence from the most simple and free, able to let you say “I’m here”, to the one that can promote your company, products and services. Or even further, online stores what can sell your products and manage your business by itself.

There is multiple ways to make your online presence and each have their advantages, combining them make them stronger as a tool.

1. Google my Business

If you have a physical store or any other business establishment this tool from google is a must!
Google my business is free and have enough strength to promote your business if you are just starting off and your budget is not the biggest.
This tool allow you to register your company so people can search for you. A customer is able to find your business, and have access to information of your company like: Name and presentation of your business, Location of your company, service schedules and technical specifications, Important contact information: email, mobile phone, telephone, website, other customer reviews, photographs and updates in the profile. It also works like a social network for business and here you are able to publish news and information, having this always up to date makes google consider your business 1st when present it on the search list and highlighting you over your competition.
We have a full article talking about it more indeep you can read it and learn how to create a profile on Google my Business here.

2. Social media

Social media are the most easy way to promote something, everyone uses it and it’s familiar with it. You have millions of users on this platforms, plus if you want something free and you don’t have a physical store, this is the option (although if you have a physical store the combination of both can open more doors to your business). The social networks give you everything you need. You can show off your brand, describe your business, promote it, talk with customers and even sell your product online on tools like facebook marketplace.
It is an alternative to a website but it should not replace it, since a website is always yours and doesn’t depends on other companies well-being to work.

3. Promotive Landing page

A landing page is a single webpage witch the focus is to convert clients into your business.
Made with focus and well structured information and cativative imagens that describes your services or products. A landing page is a cheap and effective alternative to a full website, it is more objective than a normal website so it can be pretty effective on the communication of one product/service, it can capture emails from potential clients by offering them ebooks or important content, or presents a more detailed product characteristics in order to make the customer more informed about it so it makes easy the decision to buy.

4. Service oriented site

This is the most common website seen on the internet, if your objective is to promote everything about your company like services, products and even who you are, this is what you need.
A website build credibility, improves customer services, makes your business accessible at all times, showcase your work, get you customers and business and builds a relationship with customers.
Having a modern website with the latest technologies can give your business the boost it needs to grow.

5. Ecommerce

Consider for some people as the holy grail of retail, an online store can be everything you need.
If you have a physical store or if you work from home, if you have 1 product or 100 products, it doesn’t matter. The advantages are the same:

  1. Overcome geographical limitations delimited by physical stores;
  2. Gain new customers that are not on your area;
  3. Lower Costs of staff;
  4. Locate the Product Quicker (easy search, by name, price, color, etc);
  5. Eliminate Travel Time and Cost;
  6. Provide Comparison Shopping (you can register your ecommerce on online websites like KuantoKusta);
  7. Enable Deals, Bargains, Coupons, and Group Buying;
  8. Provide Abundant Information about the product;
  9. Create Targeted Communication;
  10. Remain Open 24/7;
  11. Create Markets for Niche Products, Buyers and sellers of niche products can find it difficult to locate each other in the physical world.

So do I actually need a website?

If you want to grow your business, yes you do.
As the phone revolutionized the business in the late 1800s and have your number on the Yellow Pages was a must, so did the internet do the same in the early 2000s, and fast forward to 2019, this are the points to consider:

  1. 30% of the consumers won’t consider a business without a website;
  2. People are searching for you online (doesn’t matter how small it is);
  3. The majority of consumers use websites to find and engage with companies;
  4. All industries are online, your B2B buyers are impacted by your content to make a decision of doing business with you;
  5. 75% of the consumers judge your company’s credibility by your website design;
  6. It will help you to beat the competition.

This are the most impactful reason for you to have a website. If you are convinced that you need one, you know who to call.

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