How to ensure the success of your company, G suite tools: discover the 6 advantages

G Suite is a service from Google that offers a variety of products, that can be customised with the domain and logo of your company. This tool offers a bunch of web app with similar resources and office tools like Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Groups, News, Play, Sites and Vault.

In addition to the shared apps like Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google also offers the G Suite Marketplace, that consists on a store for apps for the G Suite users.

Learn the 6 advantages of using G Suite:

  1. Security

    The security is essential to work on a cloud environment. Google have as priority the security of customers data, which is configured with a robust and encrypted infrastructure. User data is secure not only on Google's side, but also with additional user-side security tools. When using G Suite users have various options, among it: Login with two steps authentication, anti-virus and anti spam always updated in Gmail and Google Drive.

  2. Unified Management

    Nevertheless, there are some services similar to the G Suite, in which the management and configuration of the various services are done separately, with e-mail, storage, anti spam, in this way they become more complex tools. With G Suite management is unified through an intuitive dashboard where we can see reports of how employees are using the platform. Being unified, the platform has only one license per user, reducing costs with license management and obsolete systems.

  3. Reduce infrastructure costs

    One of the advantages of cloud storage is the scalability of the infrastructure. You do not need to buy servers, hardware, and software for data storage. G Suite features solutions with unlimited storage for both email boxes and file storage.

  4. Automatic Software Update

    Users of this platform also have automatic updates at no cost, whenever a new functionality is launched on the platform, they are automatically made available to G Suite users. These features include, for example, workflow benefits such as the use of document production tools, so that they can be worked together with other users in the cloud.

  5. Use the best email

    Gmail has more than a billion active users around the world and it's not hard to figure out why. Google email is a favorite for personal and business use because it provides and integrates productivity tools that no other service can integrate into one product. With G Suite these features are available in companies emails.

  6. critec can not fail to recommend this service. Despite being a tool already with some years in the market, most companies do not know this service of the giant Google. More than a billion people use Gmail as their personal email tool. By using an identical interface in a professional environment (and, on top of that, something that integrates other services and functionality on the same platform), users become more agile in their tasks, increasing the productivity of the entire team.

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