The digital world has changed a lot of our social behavior and the way we connect with people. It has also added new terms to our daily, such as spam, email or download, expressions that are here to stay and for those who born after the year 2000 have never lived without them.

But there is also a word associated with the digital world that is now very present on the internet, Security.

Never has this theme been so present on social discussions. Since the Donald Trump elections, even the case of Edward Snowden, they have raised some important questions, namely, whether or not we are safe surfing the internet, whether our data is actually confidential or not.

Gone are the days when espionage was just a movie theme, right now and after the Facebook scandal of selling personal data to multinational brands, there's no doubt about it, the internet is a dangerous place.

To help you spot anomalies, we've put together a short list to help you identify whether a site, such as an online store, is trustworthy or not.


1 - https or secure connection

Currently having a site that starts with http: // instead of https: // is soon a sign of distrust, as the extra "s" means exactly “secure”. Still, we warn you that there are ways to buy an “uncredited” domain that just gives us the impression that the site is secure. However, if a site does not have https it is very likely not to be safe.


2 - Google Domain Search

Usually, when there is a fraudulent website, we don't trust it. That is, once the site scams someone, it will quickly be posted on discussion boards alerting people. So before you make a purchase on a website you don't know, search the internet for something like “domain name scam”.


3 - Very Similar Links

Often these sites have very similar names to others known worldwide, only changing the domain extension. For example:, the first part of the domain leads us to believe that we are entering the youtube video streaming site, but the extension is “.site” instead of “.com”.


4 - Too good to be true

Products from well-known brands at extremely cheap prices may be true, but most of the time they are “gimmick” products to get us to make a purchase at a fraudulent online store.

The internet is fantastic and has many good things, but it can also be a minefield. It is always best to play it safe, not risk putting your personal data everywhere. To do this, we advise you to create your own email address to use on sites we do not trust 100%, we also advise you to always consult with certified professionals in the professional field.

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