Content marketing is the method of developing, publishing and disseminating content that is unique to your audience. This marketing technique targets the audience of your business and brings you who really has interest in your product or service.


What are the benefits of Content Marketing?


  • Improve the method of drawing your loyal audience. Through relevant and quality content.
  • Increasing your online visibility, people nowadays search everything on the internet. So if you have interesting content, your business will appear first in search instead of your competition.
  • Enables the disclosure of the history, mission and value proposition of your business.
  • Helps capture potential customers and retain new consumers.
  • Creating content relevant to your audience allows you to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to make it appear in the top positions of search engines such as Google.


How to do Content Marketing?


Implementing a content marketing strategy without defined strategy does not bring you the intended results. If you want significant results, dedicate some of your time to plan your strategy, with relevant and engaging content for your audience.

Content marketing is not just about writing a blog post or posting on social networks. Before creating content you should think about what to write, what day you are going to publish, where you are going to share, what format you are going to use, what time it will be most beneficial to publish, the persona you want to attract and ultimately the outcome you would like to achieve.

There are several relevant content formats you can use to attract your customers:
  • E-books;
  • Webinars*;
  • Infographics;
  • Videos.
Ways to disclose:
  • Blog
  • Apps
  • Podcasts
  • Landing pages
  • Social networks
  • Email Marketing
  • Others

After you have everything planned, the results will be achieved when working content marketing.


Content Production


Creating quality content is not easy and time-consuming, so we've prepared some tips you should follow to make your task faster, but with quality content for your target audience.

Keyword Choice

Keywords are terms or phrases that people use when searching on search engines such as Google. Choose relevant keywords that are of interest to your audience and work on this topic. Optimize your content well so that it appears first when your audience searches for your business.

Content Size and Format

The most important thing is deliver valuable content, yet there are some formats that help you deliver relevant content more efficiently to your audience. For example, avoiding unnecessarily long texts, however, you should avoid the lack of relevant information for the public.

Attention grabber

It is very important to situate your compelling content strategically so that people can read when interact with your post. Only if the reader get interested on the initial part they will keep reading.

Make life easier for those who read your content by inserting titles, subtitles, tables, lists, images and bold that are great strategies for keeping your text organized.




Analytics is the most important step in a content marketing strategy. Analyzing the results constantly allows us to understand what is going well or badly, thus making the necessary corrections.

Know in detail what you have to do to win customers. Call us, critec can help you and your business.


*Webinars are web video seminars that are usually broadcast live, most often have a chat where people can ask their questions to the speaker. This is a type of content that is used a lot to get leads.

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