Deciding what you want for your new website can be difficult. Making decisions about the structure, look and content… isn’t easy, especially when you can go over budget. One solution is using templates. The use of templates or you website can be a way to save some money upfront, yet we should be aware about the limitations they have. A custom website still be made according your business needs, your taste and and fully suited to your requirements.


But what if the budget is low? - The use of templates


Most templates can be purchased on platforms such as: ThemeForest, Template Monster, or Elegant Themes. They have elegant themes and seem to look good overall in any business. [This article will have a lot of “but's” as it is a decision full of counterparts] When choosing a template, you should always check if it fit the demands your business and not just for decide for the aesthetics. Customers navigation on the site should be easy, intuitive, in a way they can see all they want with a few clicks.


Make sure that the template you choose can be used according to the technology you want!


The template must be responsive! what that means? The last thing you want is not having a website that can’t be seen correctly on mobile devices. Nowadays is mandatory that all the functionalities of your website can be access for the devices that we have available on the work, traveling and on the comfort of our home.

The use of templates already includes predefined areas for text and images, however, they have to be replaced by content related to your business. Always make sure you have the content you need to fill in these areas, so you don't end up with blank spaces without any use.


So… Templates, yes or no?


Pros of using templates:

  • Templates are great for low budget. There is a cheaper upfront cost;
  • Templates have a shorter development time, for schedules where you urgently need a website for your business.


Cons of using templates:

  • Other business can use the same template as you, witch mean your website won’t stand out was much your will be mistaken with other websites;
  • You are limited on how much you can customize your website, or you will have to pay more for add-on to the template;
  • May not work on all devices, such as not being prepared for other resolutions;
  • Some templates are not SEO friendly [this influences whether or not your site appears first when someone search for your business on google, for example], or come with much built in plugins witch holds back the website performance;
  • The template can not work with all technologies or plugins;
  • May not have built in with the latest technology;
  • The template will most likely not have as good of a support system.


So, do I need a custom built websites?


A custom website relays on a team of specialist that will analyze your business, understands your target audience, who you want to reach and what are the needs for your business to be able to get to that audience.

After put all the information together, they will start the creative process always having in mind your inputs. Making a website that meets the look and the functionalities for your business!

Using templates means you have to adapt your business to the site, on the other hand, custom-made sites not only fit your business, they become your business!

With a custom built website you will have all the functionalities you need and not functionalities that only serve to lower your site performance.

It is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO), which allows it to appear in the early results when a customer is searching for companies in your business sector.


Pros of a custom built website:

  • Unique design based on your business, according to your company's communication and identity;
  • Optimized for search engines (SEO);
  • Works across all devices and browsers;
  • You have a team behind the scenes that can help your and give you advices about the website;
  • Latest technology used;
  • Guaranteed support for the website.


Cons of a custom built website:

  • The developing time is longer;
  • Custom websites are more expensive than templates.


Still doubtful about the best solution? This is good, believe me! It means you want the best for your business and... you don't know yet, but we can help you ;) Let's set up a meeting to better evaluate your business?

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