The internet is the biggest technological breakthrough in human communication since Guttenberg invented the mechanical movable type. Along with amazing possibilities, huge dangers arise with this new medium. As we urgently need the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to act as a standard in legal systems, we also need the Contract for the Web to determine how the internet should be from now on.

In the late XXth century, the World Wide Web was created by people with great vision as part of a great future for Humankind. In the early XXI century, we have seen it working and we know what can be done. We are now well-informed of the risks involved and we are taking those risks seriously. Now we are going towards adulthood. We must protect people on the web from those who's intent in exploiting, restricting, or manipulating. If we do not, the Human Rights will continue to be violated and exploited in all manner of malicious, destructive, and unlawful ways. Only this time it will be online.

The Contract for the Web urges every human fellow who cares to join together and create a new standard that will protect all those who share the common web. All governments must respect and abide by this, as we firmly believe the Universal Rights must enter the political agenda in a definitive, serious way. This is a big step of great importance for everyone, now and in the future.

We have had the privilege of being part of the narrow range of companies, institutions, and people who wrote this document and brought it to its final form. We were among Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Microsoft, Telefónica, Government of France, Germany, Spain, Cloudflare, Reddit, DuckDuckGo, DreamHost, W3C and many others that believe it's important to safeguard the internet as a safe and empowering place for everyone.

Governments commit themselves to
Principle 1 - Ensure everyone can connect to the Internet
Principle 2 - Keep the all the internet available, all of the time
Principle 3 - Respect and protect people's fundamental online privacy and data rights
Companies commit themselves to
Principle 4 - Make the internet affordable to everyone
Principle 5 - Respect and protect people's privacy and personal data to build online trust
Principle 6 - Develop technologies that support the best in humanity and challenge the worst
Citizens commit themselves to
Principle 7 - Be creators and collaborators on the web
Principle 8 - Build strong communities that respect civil discourse and human dignity
Principle 9 - Fight for the Web

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