Working at home has become a reality for most people. Companies are now going through a totally new situation, which not only breaks the organizational dynamics but also hinders the usual procedures for managing tasks and people.

This is the ideal time to benefit from digital solutions.

In order to ease the situation, we have numerous tools at your disposal that can simplify the challenges of working at a distance, and you only need to find the most useful and appropriate to your team's working methods.

We have put together 5 tools - completely free - that can help you plan and systematize your day-to-day, so you can be more productive even at home.


1) Bitrix24 (

As it is online, Bitrix24 can be accessed from any location, making it a great option for those on remote work. With this tool you will be able to control a large part of your company's activity, such as entering customer contacts, creating budgets, invoices, distributing tasks, live chat, exporting documents, creating public and private work groups, among others. Undoubtedly, a solution that greatly facilitates the management of your company and that presents numerous benefits in face of the need to work at home.


2) Forest (

The distractions that exist at home are perhaps the biggest disadvantage of remote work. To prevent you from losing focus on your tasks, Forest poses a challenge: to build a forest without letting any trees die, which only happens if you interrupt and give in to the temptation to peek at what's new in the news or social networks .

For desktop you can use the Chrome Stay Focusd extension and for macOS Cold Turkey, where you can block the websites or platforms that are distracting you for as long as you want.


3) Hangouts Meet (

Remote work means finding practical alternatives to maintain daily contact with the team and customers. Hangouts Meet is a tool that solves this need, as it has a free version that allows unlimited individual meetings, video and web conferencing, offering several group collaboration resources, including screen sharing.


4) XMind (

Organization: the keyword for meeting deadlines and delivering good results. To help you keep your ideas in order there’s XMind, a solution where you can draw a mind map of a project. A very intuitive tool, which allows you to build a diagram with various topics, where links can be associated and shared with other people.


5) Trello (

This is a collaborative tool, which manages people, teams and tasks interactively. The free version of Trello allows the creation of reminders, checklists and tables with different levels of priority, which facilitate the organization of small or large projects.


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