Whenever a crisis affects society, there are economic and social consequences. Most trends, such as a virus, start with gradual growth until they become exponential and widespread (mass behavior).

What will we value after covid-19?

Trendwatchinghas advanced 10 trends that will (re) define our near future. These trends reflect the growing dependence on digital media and are expected to be common in a post-coronavirus world.

Critec selected the 5 trends that will be normal and transversal behaviors to various market segments:


‘Virtual’ and ‘immersive’ are words that will define future social experiences. Football games, museums, festivals, conferences, training courses,…, experiences that define us as a society and also as consumers. It will be in the virtual domain that the “experience economy” will have to succeed. Virtual experiences already exist, such as visits to museums, musical concerts, training, among others. However, we are going to feel an exponential increase in the way organizations are going to follow this trend to provide new experiences for consumers.



Buying online is nothing new, however it is predicted that it will represent 70% to 80% of future sales. In Portugal, online commerce has increased 6% since the first Portuguese case of covid-19 was registered. However, there is a new trend, the fusion of e-commerce with live streams, providing an interactive, personalized and real-time experience.



With quarantine, people bet even more on learning and improving their knowledge and professional skills. This trend is not new, the human being is in constant development and evolution. With the increasing number of time we spend online, the number of platforms that will allow us to learn: from teachers, experts and mentors will explode. An increasingly personalized and personal experience.


4 - E-Commerce

E-commerce will eventually become the preferred method of purchase for consumers, but also for entrepreneurs. However, in a professional context, online commerce will be supported by artificial intelligence. It is the arrival of demand without interaction.


5 - Virtual assistants

From simple chatbots to more evolved interaction systems that use artificial intelligence to entertain, teach, help with the purchase decision, establish bonds of friendship, and even to do screening and medical advice. Virtual Assistants are increasingly evolving and in some functions even more efficient than human assistants. In a near future, close to us.


Critec is always up to date with new trends and has a team capable of thinking about innovative solutions for your company. Despite the current situation, any crisis is always an agent of change. Mark the difference in a positive way.

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