Why should I invest in advertising, even with covid-19?

We are overcoming a sensitive crisis that affects us socially, economically and professionally. During this phase, the ability to adapt is the key factor.

Many people think it is a luxury to invest in this moment of crisis, however, we consider it an opportunity. At this moment the importance of advertising your business prevails.

The main purpose of communication design is to establish the relationship between what is presented (the visualization) and who is watching (the audience). It is to strategically involve the message you want to convey so that the consumer can not only understand it, but assimilate and feel in accordance with the brand's objectives. In other words, the purpose is to capture attention and somehow affect the mood / feeling of those who see it, transmitting the brand's values ​​and philosophies.

If you don't know how to start communicating through digital platforms, here are some tips:

It is not enough to be beautiful or attractive, we have to take several factors into account, namely:

- Who is the target audience?

This is the main factor of any campaign. Who do we want to address? Gender, age group, location, hobbies, are some of the factors that determine the focus of communication. Advertising should make sense to the intended audience. To know who to communicate with, you must draw personas. Have you thought who is your type of customer?


- What message do we want to send?

As we are constantly being bombarded with lots of information, busy and distracted, there is a huge need to be explicit. Especially in quarantine, those who do not give up communicating will be a ‘top of mind’ brand (reference brand) for consumers.

We must have simple, short and captivating headlines that translate into requests or instructions for the audience to understand the message effortlessly. Whenever possible, the text used must be associated with offers or call of action.


- What should we present?

The message must be made through an image and the text must be as small as possible.

As the popular saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but it can be done in conjunction with text, in a thoughtful and appropriate way.

The visual component has a great capacity to hold human attention. As an example: when looking at an advertisement for 5 seconds you should be able to remember the message transmitted. This is how the effectiveness of advertising is measured.

It should always appeal to emotions, be it humor, empathy or otherwise. To feel or not to feel, defines whether we can remain in the consumer's memory or not.


We selected some advertisements that we consider to be good examples of what we wrote:



Last but not least, we return to the same question:

Why should we bet on communication design? 5 reasons:
  • The image we give to our brand / organization is one of the most important and decisive factors in the purchase of consumers.
  • Brands that have a more careful and directed image give them differentiation and authenticity. In the case of direct competition, this image is usually the most important factor.
  • It is important to standardize the image of all the communication of your brand, creating coherence and consequently confidence to the consumer.
  • Social networks are an asset to establish communication with your customer, create awareness, publicize your products and reinforce your brand positioning.
  • Promoting your brand on digital platforms is more economical when compared to traditional methods.

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