Have you heard of Google Ads?


It is a free tool provided by Google that allows you to create public applications on the Search, Display, Shopping, Youtube and Gmail networks.

Advertising our product or service on a search engine as Google is an excellent opportunity to increase our audience. Of course, the configuration involved needs work from scratch, but the rewards are many.


Want to know 5 great advantages of advertising on this platform?


1) Contextuality and Relevance

By searching on the Google search network, the consumer has the intention to find precisely the terms he placed in the search bar. This is very beneficial for the advertiser, because it allows him to choose the keywords of the business. The best part? The client has an intention and that increases the relevance of the ads, which is essential to be at the top of the page..


2) Segmentation

Another advantage of this tool is the possibility to specify who sees the ad. For example, you want to announce to people located In the Lisbon region, aged between 25 and 45 years old and interested in animals? All of this is possible with the exclusive features of Google Ads. We already passed from the era of segmentation to an era of microsegmentation.


3) Investment Control

In Google Ads you can also choose the maximum budget you want to invest. How will it be invested? You will only pay the cost per click (cpc), that is, you will have absolute control over the amount that a person's click may cost.


4) Monitoring

During the period of time that the campaign is active, it is possible to check the performance of the ads and adjust according to the strategic objectives. The click in a certain keyword is too expensive and yields few results? It is during this monitoring phase that you reflect on these issues and adjust the investment to make it as profitable as possible.


5) Notoriety and Sales

The last advantage of Google Ads, but no less important, is undoubtedly the great visibility that these applications can use for a company. The best way to look at this investment is a return that translates the brand's visibility, without strengthening the relationship with the public and, in turn, in sales.


So, after knowing all these things about Google Ads, are you tempted to try it out? Our team will help you in all stages of Google Ads - deciding the investment, choosing the best strategy and improving results. You already know where to find us!

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