2020 made us think that there are always solutions for any business and one thing we can say after this year: the future is digital.
Companies that used digital marketing strategies were able to react with more flexibility to the social restrictions that resulted from the pandemic. More traditional companies were faced with the need to restructure their strategies to overcome challenges, using methods that until then did not value enough.
Today, we decided to reflect on some digital practices that we are sure are here to stay. In 2021 many companies will be in remote work, using meetings via zoom, meet and project management via the internet.
But what are the 2021 digital marketing market trends?
  • Integration between e-commerce and social networks
  • Lives
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Viral Marketing
  • Reinforcing investment in content marketing
  • Chatbots
  • SEO



Integration between e-commerce and social networks


A few years ago, being present on social media was enough to guarantee a significant advantage. The ability of consumers to interact directly on platforms proved to be the new goal of customer service.
As more and more companies started to create their Facebook accounts and customer feedback started to be expressed directly on the networks, their experience and opinion about the brands became public and easily accessible.
People used social networks to connect with each other, now they also use them to give their opinion on brands, show preferences and shop online. Companies have realized that these communication channels are even more valuable and improve with each passing day. It’s essential to use these resources to integrate them into your digital marketing strategy.
The integration of e-commerce with social networks only brings advantages, as it allows users to discover brands through publications and find products and services that they would not normally look for in an online store.
Social cohesion on these platforms facilitates the creation of interactive campaigns, product launches in super creative ways, contests and other techniques that help brands to go viral.




Thanks to Facebook and Snapchat, lives have become a way of making brands known and reaching potential customers. After that, almost all platforms launched similar services: lives that are not limited to entertainment, but that involve users in sharing, attending social events and much more.
Live streams are generally win-win strategies: users can watch important events in a unique way, reacting on time and allowing marketers to have an immediate response to the action.
View in high quality, in real time, anywhere. Thank you internet!


Artificial intelligence


Neurolinguistic programming, the evolution of programming and, of course, artificial intelligence to process a large amount of data (Big Data) and predict actions based on existing data are undoubtedly some of the major tech trends.
For many companies, this practice has already become a habit, allowing for improvements in customer service, price optimization flows until conversion or even in recruitment techniques.
Now we can count on immediate customer feedback, based on past behaviors and relevant trends that allow us to make decisions in real time. These quick insights are a valuable resource for understanding what the audience's expectations are - the right service, at the right time.



Viral marketing


Thousands and thousands of views, the viral content that spreads quickly, because the impulse to share is almost irresistible. [How many campaigns do you remember, suddenly? I bet many.]
The main advantages of this type of campaigns are their low cost and, of course, potential ROI. Not to mention that this content is shared on a voluntary basis and therefore the action is not considered invasive.
When well executed, these types of campaigns help companies to grow exponentially, it “only” takes an incentive, a great product / service and shareable content.
It is important to note that there is no guarantee that a campaign will go viral. It's something that happens organically, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Who would say that the most viewed video on Youtube is “BabyShark”?



Reinforcing investment in content marketing


Quality is the word of honor in this topic and creativity is essencial, as it helps to follow future trends and determine the style of content marketing that will define specific campaigns. The production of more engaging and interactive content, animated infographics, podcasts, audio texts and even augmented or virtual reality experiences.
Content is and will increasingly be the currency of exchange. Content is king.





Virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa, were one of the reasons chatbots have become so popular. They are becoming so refined that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish them from human beings.
Several companies invest a large part of their resources in the development of technology in chatbots in order to optimize customer service and reduce response times in the future.
Another indirect effect of the increase in the use of virtual assistants with AI technology is the increasing use of voice searches. With mobile devices, people use their voice to complete tasks while on the move.
Try these tools and transform your business.

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