I forgot to keep it, I just lost everything! If this is a phrase that scares you the most, this article is for you, you will not be able to forget to save your files and you will never lose any of them again. 

Let us introduce you to the best storage services on the cloud-based market. 

We will start right there, with the concept of “cloud”, which is no more than the internet itself, but on the internet there are various contents and services, the best known are web pages, online stores, social networks, online chat systems, such as messenger or whatsapp, and then there are other services, with greater storage and processing resources that are at the service of users. 

With the increase in the internet speed and the capacity of global servers, some companies have decided to provide storage and remote processing services, allowing the average user to have access to these services wherever they are, regardless of the device they are on, with just a simple access to the Internet and a registration on one of these platforms. 

Imagine that you have hundreds of computers working for you, with unlimited disk space, without the need to install any programs, or large free disk space, you just need a device with an internet connection and a browser to be able to access that service.. From that moment you will be working in the cloud. 

How does cloud storage work?

There are several storage services available on the internet, you just need to find the one that best suits your needs. 

You will need to register and in most services you will have a free plan with some storage capacity at your disposal, although you always have the possibility to subscribe to a larger plan through a monthly or annual payment.  

There are services that provide an application that you can install on your computer or on your smartphone, or you can use only access through the service's website.

Finally, you only have to upload your files through this application or the website and whenever you want to access, edit, delete or download your files, from any computer or mobile device and anywhere in the world.


Discover some cloud storage services:


Google Drive

google drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular services today, as you just need a Gmail account to use it. It is an online service that allows the storage of your files in the Google cloud and your application is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and it is also possible to use only a web version. With Google Drive you can gather documents from other Google products in one place, such as Google Docs, Google Photos, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides and your emails. It is one of the Google Workspace services, formerly called G Suite. It offers 15GB free, but you can upgrade to 30GB per account if your company signs up for Google Workspace or up to 2TB for personalized subscription plans.  


Amazon S3


Amazon S3 is the AWS (Amazon Web Service) online storage service, available for Android, iOS and Windows devices. It offers 5GB of free space for 12 months and then requires the subscription of a paid plan.

It is a service guaranteed by Amazon and offers servers with the most advanced technology on the market, very important for those who place the security of their files above all.




Dropbox is a cloud data storage service that it’s used to store your files, photos or videos on online servers. Your application is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and it is also possible to use only a web version. It offers 2GB of free space, but has plans with 2 TB of space available from € 9.90 / month.   




The Microsoft storage service offers 5 Gb of free space in the cloud. It stands out for its integration in Windows, through the File Explorer and also the emails in the Outlook service. The created folders are automatically synchronized with your computer or smartphone to a cloud, in a simple way, through an application for Android and iOS systems. 

Box Drive


Box Drive Box is a free file storage service in the cloud with synchronization between devices from different platforms via dedicated apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10 and macOS. With integrated file management and compatibility with several other productivity applications, Box is one of the main solutions in the segment for mobile devices. The free version offers 10 GB of space but individual files cannot exceed 250 Mb each. You have plans with 2 TB of space from 9 € / month. 



ICloud is an Apple service offered to users of the iOS system. It can back up your data and store it directly from the device itself, so that it’s accessible via iCloud.com, from anywhere, on any other device that has an Internet connection, such as a Windows PC or Mac OS. To use it, you only need to register using the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, configure the data you want to record in the cloud and then access the official website of the service. In it, just log in with your Apple account username and password and you're done. The free version offers only 5 GB of storage, but with an investment of 1.99 € / month you can already have another 50 GB on your device.


Know some of the problems that you may encounter in these services:

Although cloud storage is a great option for backup, there are some risks. Cloud storage services can be hacked by hackers. 

Another risk for which you have to be forewarned is the fact that the storage company can go bankrupt and shut down all servers without warning, so always choose a service from a trusted company that is in good health on the market.

Finally, a less serious problem, but one that you should be aware of is the amount of mobile data you can spend to upload or download your files. If you do not have an unlimited data plan, choose to do these operations on free or less expensive Wi-Fi networks, such as at home. 

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