iberian festival awards winner

best use of technology

On December 12, 2019 we were nominated for 3 categories of the Iberian Festival Awards, on October 17, 2020 Talkfest was on livestream to announce the winners and we won the Best use of Technology category with the AgitÁgueda 2019 app.

an augmented reality app that "gives life" to urban artworks in the city of Águeda.

Winning this prize warms our hearts, giving hope that better days will come and that we will always be here to create new things.

Special thanks to the City Council of Águeda, for always trusting us with the communication of AgitÁgueda. A constantly growing event and an incredible challenge with each new edition. A predominantly urban festival, where most activities take place on the streets of Águeda, which exudes urban reflections in artistic installations, graffiti or other forms of cultural expression.

almost all festivals nowadays offer an app for their visitors, but AgitÁgueda is different because it has been developed according to the festival concept in a different and creative way.

Besides the detailed program of 28 days, it presents a survival kit to visit the city of Águeda: where to sleep, where to eat and what to visit. More than that, and the factor that makes it really innovative is the use of augmented reality to enjoy urban art with a "twist".

So we "gave life" to the artistic installations! With our app, point to the artwork and it comes alive, and then just shoot, interact and share. See to believe?

see to believe?

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