creative learning

At Critec we are multifaceted, we always want to learn more and,
at this point, we have to share

Because you can never learn too much and learning does not take time, for when it is done with pleasure, time flies.

This new adventure arose from the need to share knowledge and experience. It’s not completely new, we have been training for many years, but now we can do it as we think it should be done.

We want to create dynamics that encourage interaction and engagement. We want to work with enthusiastic people because we believe that this way we achieve better results.

That's why we prefer to work with you on your premises (on site). We want to know who you are, what your business culture is, what goals you want to achieve.

We work for a purpose, we want results dor our clients, we want a smile on their faces. No two plans are alike and no two customers are either, right?

certified training

bespoke and on-site training

· Know the customer culture
· Needs assessment
· Development of tailor-made solutions
· Implementation of training and follow-up
· Training impact assessment

Training Certificate (in portuguese, Certificado de Formação Profissional) issued in SIGO (Educational and Training Supply Information and Management System, in portuguese, Sistema de Informação e Gestão da Oferta Educativa e Formativa) coordinated by the GEPE-Ministry of Education and Science, which will be attributed to trainees with a level of attendance greater than or equal to 90%.

This Certificate is valid for the purpose of fulfilling the 40 hours of compulsory training in accordance with the Labor Portuguese Code.


let's learn together?

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